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Have you wanted to learn how to earn money from Google Adsense by having a YouTube channel?


In this e-book, I share the 5 steps and strategies I implemented to monetize my channel as an Enrolled Agent. I set a goal to monetize my YouTube channel within 12 months and crushed it in a little over 6. 


I'm sharing my experience so that you can start making money from your YouTube channel within the next 365 days too! 


This e-book is not about how to make your channel pretty with banners, or choosing a microphone, or camera. This e-book is about getting views, engagement, and results.


Disclaimer: I am not a YouTube expert. I am a person that has found success with creating a YouTube channel. I am sharing with you my personal experience and what worked for me. I am not guaranteeing any results. Results are not normal. You DO have to put the work in and show up!

Monetize Your YouTube Channel in 12 Months

  • All Sales are final when made. 

    The intellectual property of this e-book is owned by America's Favorite EA, LLC. Copies and distribution are not allowed without written consent from America's Favorite EA, LLC. 

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