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 I’m Timalyn, an Enrolled Agent licensed through the Internal Revenue Service and owner of Bowens Tax Solutions. I’m an Indiana native but now live in Louisville, Kentucky with my Husband and our daughter. 

I began my career in 2011 with Crowe Horwath, LLP, an International CPA firm. During my time there I got to work on a variety of different clients and fell in love with taxes and tax law. I soon found that not everyone shares the same passion but instead see taxes as a foreign language. I also began to notice how many people there are that owe the IRS and have no idea where to start with resolving the issue but instead are paralyzed with fear and stuck in life.
I had to help those people!

I did 3 busy seasons with Crowe. The same year that I left I got married and had my daughter that December. Looking at my family I could not imagine being unable to buy a home or provide my daughter with better opportunities than I had because we were smothered by tax debt, I didn’t and don’t think that anyone else should either! 



I put my degree in accounting to good use and started Bowens Tax and Bookkeeping Solutions, but it wasn’t enough. I wanted to be able to represent the taxpayers that didn’t even want to talk to the IRS. I sat for the Special Enrollment Exam and became an Enrolled Agent. 

As an Enrolled Agent I represent both businesses and individuals that have IRS tax issues. Whether that be an audit or a tax debt that they can’t pay in full. I step in my client’s shoes, so they never have to speak to the IRS again. It is my passion and I have not regretted it once. 
Bowens Tax & Bookkeeping Solutions recently had a makeover and became Bowens Tax Solutions to better align with my personal mission of filling the tax literacy gap. I love empowering taxpayers to live their lives and put their IRS debt behind them through my video content, tax classes, and e-books.

Thanks for allowing me to empower you! 

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