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How to Get an IRS Transcript Online in 3 Steps

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

It used to take taxpayers a long time to access their tax records from the IRS. Now the IRS has several online tools to make IRS transcripts easy to access. If you have an account at you can access your tax transcripts online immediately.

Requesting your transcripts by mail, phone, and with a 4506-T is still available. However, requesting your tax transcript online is the fastest way to access them.

You only need an IRS or account to take advantage of this service. This service is only for individual taxpayers and individual use. Once you log on you will find:

  • all 5 transcript types.

  • the option to view, print, or download your transcript.

So let's look at the 3 steps to access your tax transcripts online.

Step #1 - Log in to your or account

There are a lot of different options to choose from on the home page. There is a section that says "How can we help you?". In the second column, you will find an option that says, "Get Your Tax Record". You will find it in the exhibit below.

Scroll down to "Request Online". There will be a blue button that says "Get Transcript Online". Push that button. I have circled the button for you down below.

You will see the option to log in with your existing IRS username or login. Choose whichever option applies to you or create a username.

Step # 2 - Select the reason you need a transcript.

When you log in the site will ask you to do two things.

  • Select a reason you need a transcript

  • Customer File Number

You will not have a customer file number. But you will need to select a reason for pulling your transcript. The drop-down arrow will show you the full list of reasons. They are:

  • Higher Education/Student Aid

  • FEMA/Disaster Related

  • State or Local Tax Issue

  • Mortgage-Related

  • State Licensing

  • Income Verification

  • Federal Tax

  • Small Business Loan

  • Health Care

  • Immigration

  • Housing Assistance

  • Adjusted Gross Income

  • Other

The selection you choose will help guide you to the correct transcript. If you select "other" you will see all 5 transcripts if they are available on your account.

You can read, "What is a Tax Transcript? The 5 Different Tax Transcripts" to find out the different uses for each transcript.

# 3 - Select the transcript type you need and the tax year.

When you have fully logged in you will see the tax transcript types. Under each type, you will see the years available to you. In the example below you will not see verification on non-filing letters because I have filed all my tax returns.

Once you have opened the year you are looking for you can print the transcript. You can also save the transcript to your desktop or cloud for your records.

If you are having any issues with accessing your tax transcript online you can contact the IRS help desk. Pulling your tax transcripts is the first step you should take if you owe the IRS and can't pay today. If your balance is under $20,000 and you pay it within 36 months and have all of your tax returns filed I recommend my e-book, Guaranteed Payment Plan. Because back taxes shouldn't ruin your life.


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When you are facing questions regarding your personal or business taxes, working with a professional makes all the difference. At Bowens Tax Solutions, we serve our Louisville-area neighbors by providing the tax services and knowledge needed to succeed. We are here to assist you with your tax issues and preventative care. Visit our website at for more information..


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