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5 Engaging Social Media Posts You Should Make as an Enrolled Agent

Do you ever wonder what you should post on social media as an Enrolled Agent? Should it all be professional? Maybe you should talk about more than taxes. What kind of taxes? All these questions go through your head and then you end up not posting at all.

Every week I talk with fellow Enrolled Agents facing this same scenario. They feel frustrated because they aren't receiving the same vanity metrics such as likes and comments that they see other tax professionals receiving. I'm not a fan of clickbait and misinformation so don't post that. Let me also tell you this. Tax preparation will almost always get more traction than tax representation. Because everyone has to file taxes. But few know what tax representation is until they need it.

Also, I have learned that taxpayers who owe the IRS are less likely to comment or engage with a post because of the shame factor. Almost all my clients who aren't referrals have found me on Google, YouTube, or LinkedIn. They tell me about the posts they saw and read. Guess what they almost all have in common. None of them engaged with the post. So if you're feeling discouraged from lack of engagement keep posting!

But engagement is nice too, right? So as I have been working with Enrolled Agents to get clients I went back through my arsenal of things that have worked very well. I'm going to share 5 of them with you today. You're in a very unique position. Not a lot of your everyday taxpayers know what an Enrolled Agent is. Instead of letting that frustrate you, educate them. Education is a big part of building know, like, and trust.

People buy people. If you're looking for new clients they must know who you are, what you're about, and trust you.

The posts I'm sharing with you today will work but here are a few rules you must follow first.

  • 1 - It's social media, so you have to be social. Respond to comments and engage with those who engage with you. You aren't a celebrity or you wouldn't be reading this post learning how to get engagement.

  • 2 - Consistency wins! You can't post once and disappear. Once you have these posts out work on what you should post next week. Review which posts people liked the most, which ones caused people to inquire about your services, and what feedback you received. That will point you in the direction of what to post next.

  • 3 - Have a purpose. When I create content for taxpayers I want to either educate them by answering an FAQ that I can refer to later or hone in on a pain point so they want to be a client. I don't care about the likes. I care about how it will impact the readers or my bottom line.

  • 4 - Schedule these posts out! Scheduling is your best friend. I was sick last week but because my post had been scheduled I was still able to get calls booked on my calendar. Work smarter, not harder. You never know what could interfere with your initial plans.

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