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Your Legacy as a Tax Professional - Creating Your Roadmap Part 1

James Madison - Father of the Constitution

Michael Jackson - King of Pop

Henrietta Lacks - the Mother of Modern Medicine

Then we have you. Who are you? What imprint will you leave on your sphere of influence in the world?

Oxford Dictionary gives this as one of the definitions of legacy:

something that somebody has done successfully and that has positive effects even after they die or retire.

You're here reading this right now because you are a tax professional. Not only that you are an Enrolled Agent or seriously considering it. But why?

What are you going to do successfully within this industry that has a positive effect? Will we be able to see that in real time or will we have to wait until after you die?

Your desired legacy is typically fueled by your passion and purpose. Without a passion or purpose, you may not fail in terms of making money as an Enrolled Agent. But you will fail to be successful and fulfilled. So today we're going to help you establish what you desire for that legacy to be by asking 3 simple questions.

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