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Managing (Tax Representation) Client Expectations

"Are there any updates?

"This isn't what you promised."

"I gave you my paperwork yesterday, when will it be ready?"

Timalyn in an office with a client.

I wish it weren't true but I have actually received all the above statements from clients. Why? Because I did a poor job of managing my client's expectations. I did communicate the process clearly nor hold them accountable to my expectations.

I also made exceptions for when they crossed lines and boundaries. For example, if someone had my personal number I would still answer if they called or text that number. Even outside of business hours. This not only hurt our working relationship but made me resent not only working with them but also them in general.

It was easier to let the relationship dwindle and/or fire them than stick to my guns and correct things that were outside of the scope of our engagement. Does this sound familiar?

That's not what I want for you and your business.

The customer relationship is like any other, communication is key to its success. Lack of communication results in the decline of a relationship between you and your customer. So how do you avoid this?

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