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Enrolled Agent Impact Goals for the New Year

As I reflect on this past year I notice a trend. I found the most success when I wasn't focused on revenue. But instead when I focused on impact. The impact is the effect on your sphere of influence from your presence.

If I may be transparent, I did not reach all my revenue goals for this year. But all hope is not lost. Because the impact that I can measure is rippling into an impact that I cannot even imagine. That's why it is important to set clear goals on the impact that you'd like to have in your sphere of influence.

Yes, as an Enrolled Agent, my job is to represent clients before the IRS. Essentially I am paid to argue tax law with the IRS, there's no better job. But the most impactful part for me is the privilege to educate taxpayers. To ensure that they never end up in a place where to need tax representation again. That's my why, to fill the tax literacy gap one taxpayer at a time.

That is why I can get up every single day and know that I am America's Favorite Enrolled Agent. Because of the impact that I am having on taxpayer's lives. Your journey as an Enrolled Agent is going to be long. Sometimes it will even feel lonely. I don't want you to lose sight of your why and the impact that you're having.

Today I'm going to help you outline and set your impact goals for the next year. These goals will help you find your grit and keep you from losing sight of your goal. As always, at the end of this article, there is a section for you to outline your goals along with me.

The number one key to hitting your impact goal is to show up to serve.

Showing up to Serve as an Enrolled Agent

I want to make a disclaimer, service does not mean work for free. Showing up to serve means that your end goal is not only to make income. This is a fine line to walk as a business owner. But I guarantee you, that your business will grow leaps and bounds when you take the focus off of you.

Who would you serve every day of your life if you weren't to get paid for it? We talked about this a little in Your Legacy as a Tax Professional - Creating Your Roadmap Part 1 and Establishing Your Legacy as a Tax Professional - Creating Your Roadmap Part 2. But here is the difference that I want you to look at here.

What is your why that does not directly impact you? Many of you had noble reasons for being an Enrolled Agent. It is tied back to your family, having time, and money freedom. But what is the driving force for you that does not directly benefit you? Just because it does not benefit you now does not mean that it won't eventually. Let me share an example.

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