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Preparing for Your First Representation Consultation

Updated: Mar 29

Timalyn in front of a microphone speaking about tax relief
Timalyn in the podcast studio

When you receive your EA license you become one of America's tax experts, according to the National Association of Enrolled Agents. But the license doesn't make you the expert. The knowledge you gain by helping clients makes you the expert. So if you're feeling like an imposter now, don't worry we'll get you helping people in no time. Check out last week's article to learn how to get your first tax representation client.

But what do you do once they start reaching out? You're either very eager or shaking in your boots. It's okay, it just means that you care about the work you're doing. You don't want to mess up. Like most people who get into this business, you want to help taxpayers.

So let's talk about how you prepare yourself for that first consultation. You're the expert. This article will help you prequalify the prospect and control the call before you even get on the phone. I even give you a sample intake form that I have used to prequalify leads at the end.

Step One - Create a Representation Consultation System

It's true what people say, people treat you the way you allow them to. When I first began my business I would take clients from anywhere. I would let them contact me however they wanted, no matter the time. This grew old fast and resulted in burnout that I am still recovering from. I won't rehash this. I already explained it in the 5 Mistakes I Made as an Enrolled Agent.

By creating a system for prospects and leads to contact you you are establishing boundaries. These will protect you and streamline your process. It is okay to get leads from different sources: e-mail, social media, phone calls. But you have to put them in one system so nobody falls through the cracks.

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