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5 Mistakes I've Made as an Enrolled Agent

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Nobody is above making mistakes, especially in this tax business. However, it is my goal to help as many Enrolled Agents as I can avoid some of the mistakes that I have made in my career. If you're currently making the mistakes I made I hope that my transparency helps you stop.

Last week I had to deal with a nightmare client. I shared this with my community. After reflecting I realized that the client had become a nightmare because I allowed it. Today I'm going to share with you 5 mistakes that I made as an Enrolled Agent that enabled this client. You've heard some of this on my podcast if you are a Tax Pro's Representation Journey subscriber.

If you are making these mistakes right now don't get stuck by analysis paralysis. Your career as an Enrolled Agent is a journey. There will be times that you find yourself making the same mistakes if you don't have accountability and systems to ensure it does not happen again. Take this article as the first level of accountability. Let me know what steps you're committed to taking so you can avoid these mistakes in the comments.

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